Live-in care services

For many of us, our home holds many precious memories and the thought of ever leaving fills us with dread, especially when we think that the only viable alternative is residential care.

Live-in care arrangement is one of the options available to clients who require more than 28 hours of support in a week and who may also need the support at night. ‘Live-in’ care means that we supply someone, who has been trained in the provision of care and support, to stay in your home and live in with you so as to provide quality support in your own home. We provided live-in services to all adult customer groups from the age of 18 onwards including young people in transition. For elderly people in particular, it is usually down to individuals and their families to decide what the best option is; to remain at their own home with support of a live-in carer or to move into a Care Home.

More and more families are beginning to consider 24-hour Live-in Care as an alternative to long-term residential care. The following is a step by step guide to live-in care arrangement;

  1. Initial enquiry via website or telephone.
  2. Care assessment visit is offered at a time and location that is convenient to you.
  3. Costing is provided in writing.
  4. A care plan including risk assessment is agreed.
  5. Matching up care worker.
  6. Introduction of care worker.
  7. Monitoring and reviews of the service take place at regular and agreed intervals.